10-reasons why Gold is the perfect anti-EMR sticker

1.   Based on new technology (one & only brand in India which isbased on new technic)

2.    MicroStrip Mesh with 24C Gold Plated used as base material for enhanced conductivity

3.    A sleeksize of 0.5mm Thick x 25mm width x 35mm breadth so as to fit in any mobiledevice

4.    ShieldsEMR up to 99.9% - the highest in the product range

5.    Highfrequency attenuation range > 80 dB (MIL-STD-285)

6.    EmbeddedMesh Antenna Technology in the product multiplies the signals

7.    Product``sthermal conductivity reduces the heat generated by mobile

8.    Theentire sticker is water resistant

9.    Greatadhesive strength of 750 Gms/cm means the chip sticks to mobile case easily

10.  RoHcompliant adhesive tape – the chip doesn``t fall off even after 5-year Adhesivetape used for bonding the substrates is meeting RoHs compliance.

11. The sticker is heatresistant and will sustain even at a Temperature of 130° C

Anti Radiation Chip for all types of Mobiles and LaptopsAnti Radiation Mobile Chip for Protection and better Health. An ISO 9001:2008Certified company . Mobile phones can cause BRAIN TUMOR, HEART ATTACK, CANCER,RISK OF MISCARRIAGE. The Positive effects of ANTI RADIATION MOBILE CHIP are:

  •  Reduces radiation from electronic appliedobjects
  • Enhances sports performance 3. Help recover fromsports fatigue
  •  Increase in blood circulation
  •  Helps to relax tensed muscles
  •  Normalize physiological functions
  •   Improves concentration and focus
  •  Enhances body facility of oxygen
  •  Strengthen the body``s immune system
  •   Reduces stress
  •  Improves body energy
  •  Relaxes migraine and headache
  •  Lowers blood pressure


  • Type: emr Sticker / emr patch 
  • Used For: Laptop, Phone, Tablet, Television, Generic, Mobile, PC
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: 24K Gold Label EMR

Watch the video to check the proof Our Gold Model of Anti Radiation Chip is work 100%
When we put Anti Radiation Chip on mobile? the radiation detection meter goes to zero. As soon we remove away the chip from mobile? as radiation status begin to increase in the Meter. Don`t get be confused with picture. we have 5 designs of Super Gold brand. 

Super Gold Diamond Grade High Intensity Anti Radiation Chip

  •  788
  •  305

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