Unique Herbal Bio-enhancer formula for healthy sugar Management

Sanjeevana™ DiaboDi Capsule made by trusted herbs with bio enhancer formula, that will help to manage blood sugar levels and  Improve your body function .. This is your best option for any metabolic challenges, aches, or body weakness you are facing because of Diabetes .  It’s very ideal for healthy living.This product meets the international Food Safety, GMP and ISO standards. Order now, and get your own experience of how this active herbal medicine works.

Sanjeevana™ Salacica Lin Veg capsule contain 400 mg of Salacia reticulata Extract. Salacia reticulata is an indigenous flowering plant of the genus Salacia grown in dry zone forests in Sri Lanka and India.  Salacia reticulata effectively improves insulin resistance, glucose metabolism and reduces obesity. Salacia reticulata is also known as Ekanayakam  , Ponkaranti, Chinese Salacia, Koranti and Saptrangi.

          • Help maintain normal sugar levels.
          • Help in maintaining glucose metabolism.
          • Supports normal lipid metabolism.
          • Help to support the key organs from diabetic complications

          DiaboDi Capsule: 60 Veggie Capsules in a Bottle
          Salacica Lin        : 60 Veggie Capsules in a Bottle

          DiaboDi Capsule Kit, Diabetes Management

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