Jangali Fresh ™

Jangali Fresh ™ is a brand name owned by KingStar International.  Its does not mean the product belongs to the forest

Why we call it : Jangali Fresh:-

Jangali refers to nature.  Nature means organics, A products which don't have the effect of any harmful fertilizers and chemicals

Fresh refers to : We always store limited stock and deliver new season material to our customers.

Why You should choose Jangali Fresh

From choosing seeds to growing the herbs, From harvesting to making powder, extracting oils and packing it to delivering it to customer everything is special in Jangali fresh.

Because It's special in Choosing Seeds

As you know almost every plant has multiple species. in the case of herbs & dry fruits...Most of the species are less effective, have very little nutrition, And few species are not effective at all, Instead of results few species may be dangerous to human health. A lot of hybrid seeds also available in the market. These seeds give a high yield but the crops produced from these seeds are not as effective.

Only a few species are very good for human healths. They are full of nutrition and have another required element for human bodies. We at Jangali Fresh Herbs always keep in mind to choose one of the best species so we can give our loyal customers the best product.

Because It's Special in Growing crops

In today's era of human's ambition to get richer or increase their companies trunover ? Multiple companies and farmers are using chemicals, fertilizers which are very dangerous for human health. 

We at Jangali Fresh always make sure to grow our crops organically without using any harmful chemicals. 

Because It's Special in Making powder or extracting oils. 

We use a cold press oil extraction process to extract oils because cold-pressed oil may retain more nutrients. In the same way for making powder, we always make sure it does not harm its nutrition combination.

Because It's Special in Even Packing

We have trained staff & high standard facility to maintain the hygiene of the product. 

Other facts about Jangali Fresh You must know.

In the powder form of any product, a lot companies mix other low-cost material to just increase the weight of the product. But at Jangali Fresh our customers get 100% pure product. 

Upcoming Feature of Jangali Fresh ( For powder type products )

As you know every product has an expiry date. Mean its nutrition are slowly get damaged along with time. So we are planning to make powder on order. Mean as soon a customer placed order with us ? after that we will make powder so customer will get fresh material.

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